Premises Licence

Running a licensed Premises in England or Wales isn’t easy. Aside from all the obvious commercial pressures, there are regulatory hoops to jump through for almost everything. 

Before you can even think of selling alcohol you’ll need a premises licence and if you decide to make changes to your building’s layout, the hours you’re open or the conditions stated in the licence you’ll need to apply to have it updated.

You might also need permission to introduce slot machines or even do something as simple as putting tables, chairs or signage on the street outside your venue.

If some or all of those requirements sound daunting, don’t worry: as one of the largest licensing solicitors in the UK, we deal with these types of requests every single day and can help you navigate this ever-changing area of law as simply and cost-effectively as possible.


Designated Premises Supervisor

The person who is nominated as the single point of accountability in a premises, licensed to sell alcohol.  To be a Designated Premises supervisor you must be a Personal Licence holder.

Licensing Authority

  1. the council of a district in England,
  2. the council of a county in England in which there are no district councils,
  3. the council of a county or county borough in Wales,
  4. the council of a London borough,
  5. the Common Council of the City of London,
  6. the Sub-Treasurer of the Inner Temple,
  7. the Under-Treasurer of the Middle Temple, or
  8. the Council of the Isles of Scilly.


Any place and includes a vehicle, vessel or movable structure.