Whether you’re north or south of the border, our personal licence holder courses will help you get the certificate you need to apply for your personal licence. They are led by solicitors rather than trainers and have a very high pass rate.

Our Award for Personal Licence course is delivered through eLearning that can be undertaken in your own time, before undertaking one of our scheduled exams to gain the BIIAB accredited qualification. 

The alcohol and gambling awards for licensing practitioners are more advanced qualifications, often taken by senior industry managers who want to deepen their understanding of the relevant laws and how they are enforced.

To find out more simply choose the option most appropriate to your needs:

Upcoming Course Dates

These courses are based online and can be taken at your leisure, with the exams being undertaken online during regular slots, please contact us for exam timings.

There are currently no upcoming courses planned.

eLearning Courses

The licensing trade is a minefield of regulations. One wrong move could cost you money, your licence or even your business, so it’s important that your staff have up-to-date training to keep them on the right side of the law.

As one of the largest specialist licensing solicitors in the UK, we’re aware that training can be expensive and time consuming, which is why we provide a set of cost-effective courses that can be taken online whenever and wherever you want.

Perfect for new starters or old hands, our interactive courses all come with certificates for successful completion and cover a huge variety of subjects including:

Course TitlePrice
APLH Qualification - Course, Exam & Qualification £120.00 +VAT
£120.00 +VATView Course
SCPLH (Scotland) Course, Exam & Qualification £120.00 +VAT
£120.00 +VATView Course
APLH (England & Wales) Course, Exam, Qualification & Personal Licence Application Combined £306.83 +VAT
£306.83 +VATView Course
SCPLH (Scotland) Course, Exam & Personal Licence Application Combined £290.00 +VAT
£290.00 +VATView Course
Level 1 Food Safety - Catering £20.00 +VAT
£20.00 +VATView Course
Level 1 Food Safety – Retail £20.00 +VAT
£20.00 +VATView Course
Level 2 Food Safety - Catering £20.00 +VAT
£20.00 +VATView Course
Level 2 Food Safety - Retail £20.00 +VAT
£20.00 +VATView Course
Supervising Food Safety - Level 3 £20.00 +VAT
£20.00 +VATView Course
Allergen Awareness £25.00 +VAT
£25.00 +VATView Course
Customer Service £20.00 +VAT
£20.00 +VATView Course