How to Transfer a Premises Licence

If you’re taking over an existing licensed business or are leaving a business where you are the Premises Licence holder, the new operator should apply to have the relevant premises licence transferred to them. 

For example, this is so that as the new business operator, you can continue to sell alcohol.

If you wish to take over a premises licence, you must make an application to transfer the premises licence and gain consent from the existing licence holder to obtain the licence.

You can also apply to have a licence reinstated if the existing licence holder has died, been deemed incapacitated or becomes insolvent - as long as you apply within 28 days.

We lodge hundreds of these types of applications every year for our clients and we can help you complete the formalities with a minimum of fuss.

The process to transfer a premises licence

There are several steps that we can help you with to successfully transfer a premises licence to you or your company.

We are able to complete the relevant application form on your behalf and file it with the necessary authorities in order to ensure that the application submitted is valid. Failure to do so could impact on your business and lead you to being closed down until the application is validly made.

The application should be accompanied by the written consent of the current premises licence holder. We can assist by drafting the consent for you to supply it to the current licence holder or liaise with them directly ourselves to obtain it.

If the current Premises Licence Holder cannot be found or refuses to sign the consent then there are ways around this that require the licensing authority to waive the need for the consent. We can explore these with you in order to ensure your application is processed in a timely manner.

What does it cost to send a transfer premises licence form?

The Council charges a fee of £23 to process a premises licence transfer application.

Need any help filling in the form?

This form can be fairly complicated and difficult to complete, so get in touch with our team if you need any help or advice. 

Consent to transfer premises licence form

Unless the current premises holder has died, been deemed incapacitated or becomes insolvent, they must also complete a consent to transfer premises licence form.

Obtaining your transferred premises licence

Once the relevant paperwork has been submitted and fees paid, the application will be forwarded to your local police, who have 14 days to submit a representation. If there’s no representation to the application from the police, the application will be granted and the premises licence will be transferred to you.

If the application is time critical and you wish to trade the premises before the Police’s objection period expires then we can assist with this to ensure that you become the premises licence holder sooner and possibly with immediate effect.

Need any help to transfer a premises licence?

A simple mistake or lack of information in a particular section could mean you don’t get the licence you need or deserve.

Government advice states that you’re entitled to seek legal advice when looking into transferring a premises licence. 

We recommend that you do, as the application can be complex. By enlisting our help, we can help to ensure that your application will be successful and you’ve ticked every box necessary. 

Expert licensing solicitors can help you obtain the best premises licence possible for your establishment, and ensure that everything has been completed correctly. 

Get in touch with John Gaunt & Partners for help transferring a premises licence to you. 


Premises Licence

A licence issued pursuant to the Licensing Act 2003 or Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 as appropriate, authorising a defined area to be used for one or more licensable activity.

Premises Licence Holder

The holder of a premises licence, the holder can be a person aged 18 or over, a limited company or a partnership.