Late Night Levy

The late night levy is a optional power which enables Licensing Authorities in England and Wales to charge a levy to premises which sell alcohol late at night, as a means of raising a contribution towards the costs of policing the late-night economy. 

The late night levy can affect a premises which operate between midnight and 6am, depending on the scheme designed by the Licensing Authority.

Not every Licensing Authority has chosen to implement a late night levy, below is a map showing details of late night levies that are in place or being consulted on.


Licensing Authority

  1. the council of a district in England,
  2. the council of a county in England in which there are no district councils,
  3. the council of a county or county borough in Wales,
  4. the council of a London borough,
  5. the Common Council of the City of London,
  6. the Sub-Treasurer of the Inner Temple,
  7. the Under-Treasurer of the Middle Temple, or
  8. the Council of the Isles of Scilly.