To apply for your personal licence you need to be 18 or over, hold an accredited qualification such as the Award For Personal Licence Holders (APLH). You must also not have forfeited a licence in the last five years.

If you don’t already have the Award For Personal Licence Holders qualification (APLH) then don’t worry: as an authorised provider, we can give you the training you need to get up to scratch. All our courses are taught by solicitors and have a 98% pass rate.

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Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH)

This is an example of an accredited qualification required by anybody seeking a Personal Licence for England & Wales.  All applicants for a personal licence must first obtain an accredited qualification.

Personal Licence

A licence granted pursuant to s.111 of Licensing Act 2003 by a licensing authority to an individual authorising that person to supply alcohol, or authorise the supply of alcohol, in accordance with the terms of a premises licence.