Pavement Café Licences

A pavement café licence allows you to put things such as chairs, tables and signs on the public highway outside your venue.

Depending on whereabouts in the country you are – all local authorities approach this issue differently - the licence may be all you need to trade legally as long as you have the correct planning application in place for your premises.

However, some local authorities require a separate planning application for the tables, chairs and signage to be made before they will grant you a licence.

As one of the leading entertainment venue solicitors in the UK, we can help you determine what consents are required and make any necessary applications on your behalf.


Planning Permission

Formal permission from a local authority for the erection or alteration of buildings or similar development or for the change of use of land from one designated purpose to another.

Public Footpath

A path over which there is a public right of way allowing members of public to cross without permission.