Categories and Conditions

Every commecial building in the country should be accompanied by a set of planning permissions.

These will state what category or use class the building comes under and any restrictions on things such as opening hours that have been placed upon it.

Most of the time these stipulations will be perfectly in tune with how you are running your business. However, sometimes it is necessary to apply for changes that will prevent you falling foul of the law.

If you wish to change the use of a building – for instance from a pub to a restaurant – or if you discover that how you are using your venue does not match what is stated on the planning permission, you may need to submit a change of use application, although this is not always the case.

To make matters more complicated, some buildings such as nightclubs, amusement centres and betting shops are not considered to be part of any use class at all. Every new premises will require specific planning permission.

As one of the leading entertainment venue solicitors in the UK, we can help you work out if a change of use application is necessary and if so, submit one on your behalf. We can also help you make a formal application to have unworkable restrictions on things such as opening hours removed from your Planning Permission altogether.



Planning Permission

Formal permission from a local authority for the erection or alteration of buildings or similar development or for the change of use of land from one designated purpose to another.

Planning Use Classification

Are a number separate classifications into which property sorted.  The lawful use of a premises is determined by the ‘Class’ in which is sits.  Applications can be made to re-designate a premises.