We Love Hackney Residents Group Judicial Review rumoured to be over?

06 Jun

We previously reported on the residents group “We Love Hackney” ( WLH ) and their challenge to Hackney Councils new Licensing rules introduced last year.

Local media outlet The Hackney Citizen has been reporting that the groups claim has been “struck out” by Mrs Justice Farbey highlighting extracts from her judgement in the case:

“[WLH] submitted orally and in writing that the claim raises important questions of law relating to the application of the PSED to licensing law, [and that] the questions have general and indeed national consequences. I reject that submission.

“[WLH] submitted that investors, workers and users of Hackney venues would be affected, as would persons with protected characteristics and anyone seeking a licence to serve or sell alcohol in the future.

“[WLH] no doubt described a large number of people. However, the group or groups to which [they refer] are amorphous and somewhat protean.

“I am not persuaded on the evidence before me that any section of the community – whether residing, investing, working or socialising in Hackney – speaks with a uniform voice about the effects of the [licensing policy].”

We await any further comment and development.

Should you be concerned regarding a proposed change to a Licensing Policy and its effects on your business, please contact a member of our specialist team on 0114 266 8664 for further advice.

Law correct at the date of publication.
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