“We Love Hackney” secure permission to pursue Judicial Review of Hackney Borough Council Licensing Policy

22 Mar

We previously reported on the residents group “We Love Hackney” and their challenge to Hackney Councils new Licensing rules introduced last year.

This week, a High Court Judge granted permission for the group to pursue a Judicial Review of the Councils decision making process in the introduction of the policy.

“We Love Hackney” wish to argue that Councillors ( when deciding to implement the policy)  were not presented with important information on the impact that the new Licensing rules would have on late night independent venues, young people and the LGBTQ+ communities in the borough.

Matt Sanders, spokesperson for “We Love Hackney”:

“This will be particularly difficult for those [venues] that are smaller, independent and more likely to be run by and used by minority groups. The great thing about the night life in Hackney is that there’s something for everybody, it’s really diverse and vibrant. All that, we think, is under threat.

“We hope the whole [hospitality] industry as well as local residents will get behind us. We think it’s the thin edge of the wedge, if this can happen in Hackney it can happen anywhere.”

We shall watch out with interest  and report any further developments in this case.

Should you be concerned regarding a proposed change to a Licensing Policy and its effects on your business, please contact a member of our specialist team on 0114 266 8664 for further advice.

Law correct at the date of publication.
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