13 Mar 2014

Blackpool EMRO - final!

Last night Blackpool Council formally (and apparently unanimously) accepted the recommendation of the Licensing Committee not to oppose the imposition of an Early Morning Restriction Order (EMRO) on part of the town centre.  This followed a f...

16 Oct 2013

Warrington - EMRO consultation rejected

 Last night Warrington's Licensing Committee considered a motion to commence a consultation in respect of EMRO within an area covered by the Borough Council. The Licensing Committee unanimously voted against entering into a consultation and...

10 Sep 2013

Chesterfield not pursuing an EMRO - just yet

Following preliminary discussions with the Council, Chesterfield have decided that they are not going to pursue an EMRO at this time.During the pre-consultation phase there was not enough support to take it any further.They have not ruled it o...