Hartlepool EMRO again - update

24 Feb

On 25th January 2016 we reported that Hartlepool Borough Council were asked to consider whether to launch a formal consultation which may lead to the introduction of Early Morning Restriction Order (EMRO).  At present there are no EMRO’s in force in England and Wales and there no others currently being considered as far as we are aware.  In 2013 Hartlepool considered an EMRO but in the face of strong trade opposition, the matter did not proceed.

The Licensing Committee will at 2pm today “re–consider the feasibility of introducing an Early Morning Alcohol Restriction Order (EMRO)”  having been asked to do so by the Safer Hartlepool Partnership.  The committee report which we have seen does not suggest great enthusiasm for its adoption. But we shall see and will update on the outcome when known.

Law correct at the date of publication.
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