"That's time at the bar everyone, please" Hackney Council passes new Licensing Policy

20 Jul

We have reported previously on Hackney Council and its proposed New Licensing Policy.

Any applicants for new licences in the borough will find a new "core hours policy" restricting the scope of their licences.

The new “core hours policy” suggests closing times of 11pm on weeknights and midnight at weekends, although the Council has said the document should be seen as a “guide” rather than a “blanket policy”.

The Council also voted to double the size of the of a Cumulative Impact Zone (CIP ) in Shoreditch.

The proposals are seen as controversial largely due to 77.5% of respondents to a council consultation, believing the measures (if implemented) would have a negative impact.

In a recent article on the issue the Cater quotes a number of operators and leading industry figures who have described the decision in negative terms and took to Social Media to voice their concern;

UKHospitality chief executive Kate Nicholls  tweeted:

“Hackney says it wants to promote diversity – but how does a blanket curfew achieve it? These plans threaten vibrancy.”

Jonathan Downey, behind London’s Street Feast markets, added:

“This is a disgraceful decision and a shameful failure of elected officials to listen to the views of residents. It is disastrous for the life and vibrancy of Hackney nightlife. This is not over though and we will not be ignored.”

An open letter statement about the passing of the policy from the Chair of Hackney Licensing can be found here.

We will monitor any further developments.

Law correct at the date of publication.
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