“Smart?” water; Sheffield Licensed Premises get Smartwater Scheme funding from Sheffield BID.

20 Jun

Twenty-Five  Licensed venues  across Sheffield have engaged in a new scheme funded by Sheffield BID (Business Improvement District). 

Staff at the venues have received training in the use of Smartwater, each batch with its own DNA-type code, which can be used to link individuals sprayed with it to specific incidents and locations.

Sergeant Matt Burdett, of South Yorkshire Police, said: “Each tube of SmartWater has a unique chemical code, which means people sprayed with it can be traced directly back to the incident in which it was deployed”.

Detective Chief Inspector Lee Berry added: “The solution will only be carried and used by door staff who have been specially trained, they’ll also be wearing armbands which will identify them as carrying SmartWater.

“Staff will only be using SmartWater in serious incidents, not just in any scenario where there is a confrontation”.

“This is a really innovative use of SmartWater, it’s already been tested out in several locations including West Yorkshire and we’re confident it will be a useful tool for venues in Sheffield.”

Any project which helps promote a welcoming and friendly environment and deters troublesome clientele is clearly of benefit to licenced premises.

However, we will monitor any update on the results and feedback  of this “innovative”  scheme for our clients consideration, both good and bad.

Should you require advice regarding the implications for your Premises Licence of incidents in and around your Licenced Premises,  please speak to a member of our team on 0114 266 8664.

Law correct at the date of publication.
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