Scotland - West Lothian Festive Extensions

24 Oct

The West Lothian Board has now formerly announced their general festive extension for 2018.

For all on sale premises in West Lothian The terminal hour for the sale of alcohol to be consumed on the premises is extended for the following days during the period from 1 December to 2 January each year:

  • every Friday and Saturday
  • Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Hogmanay and New Year’s Day
  • The extended hours during the above days will be until a terminal hour of
  • 4am for all nightclub premises (as defined in the Board’s policy); and 
  • 2am for all premises which are not nightclubs

Although we are sure all Nightclubs are aware of who you are!!  The Board’s policy defines a Nightclub as those premises which fall within the definition of Late Opening Premises contained in The Licensing Conditions (Late Opening Premises) (Scotland) Regulations 2007 (SSI 336) i.e.

“Premises (other than premises to which paragraph 3 applies) the capacity of which is at least 250 people and

(a) which will regularly provide at any time between 1am and 5am:

  • live or recorded music with a decibel level exceeding 85dB;
  • facilities for dancing; or
  • adult entertainment; or

(b) when fully occupied are likely to have more customers standing than seated”

Law correct at the date of publication.
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