PPL - Specially Featured Entertainment tariff - legal challenge

17 Jun

We have previously reported on the scope, structure, fees and implementation of a new PPL Specially Featured Entertainment (“SFE”) tariff, coming into effect on 1 July 2019.  

UKHospitality and the British Beer & Pub Association (BPPA) have indicated that they are to launch a legal challenge against plans for “devastating” increases to these music tariffs.

UKHospitality had said the tax would see venues hit by an average fee increase of 130%, costing the sector £49m. It is joining forces with the BPPA to mount the challenge.

Chief executive Kate Nicholls said: “Significant increases to PPL’s tariffs will be devastating for many venues already struggling to cope with increasing costs. Margins are shrinking, costs are increasing and many venues simply are not going to be able to pass these costs on or swallow them.”

Law correct at the date of publication.
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