Portman Group - Code of Practice review

02 May

The Portman Group (the responsibility body for drinks producers in the UK) has announced the fifth major review of its Code of Practice to future proof the framework that governs alcohol marketing in the UK.

Some of the key issues being raised include:

  • Changes in mood or behaviour – giving the Independent Complaints Panel (ICP) further powers to rule against implications that alcohol consumption will ‘improve’ mental/physical capabilities;
  • Defining immoderate consumption – establishing a new and credible definition for assessing complaints about irresponsible sampling promotions or packaging such as single-serve, non-resealable containers, following the removal of daily guidelines from the Chief Medical Officers’ lower risk drinking guidelines;
  • Offering additional protection to vulnerable individuals – by amending the Code to protect those that are socially or mentally vulnerable;
  • Strengthening the code to prohibit direct or indirect links with alcohol and illegal activity;
  • Introducing a new rule with supporting guidance addressing serious and widespread offence, such as sexism in marketing.

Stakeholders are also invited to identify new issues or concerns, in particular around technology and the evolving marketing and consumer landscape.

The full Consultation can be found here.

The consultation ends on 6 July 2018

Law correct at the date of publication.
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