Offensive Weapons Consultation

29 Aug

National Trading Standards have today published data relating to test purchase operations carried out between 1st April 2018 and 31st March 2019 concerning the sale of knives to children (under 18s).

It is illegal to sell knives to Children save for those with a folding blade 3 inches long or less.

On 334 occasions out of 2231 tests, carried out by Trading Standards in England and Wales during this period, retailers failed to prevent the sale of a knife to a child (approximately 15% of the time).

Trading Standards reported that some well known high street brands including Poundland, Home Bargains, Asda and Tesco sold knives to children at least 15 times each during the tests.

At this time the Government are also consulting on draft guidance regarding the Offensive Weapons Act 2019.  This Act, when brought into law  (anticipated to be in 2020) will create a number of new offences and measures to address issues surrounding the sale and delivery of knives to Children and also measures concerning corrosive products and substances (Acids). 

The consultation on the draft guidance will run until 9th October. 

Law correct at the date of publication.
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