National Pubwatch – ‘Pubwatch Awards 2019’ launched

29 Apr

The National Pubwatch Awards were established to encourage and recognise the work of local Pubwatch schemes throughout the United Kingdom and their efforts to provide safe drinking environments for customers and staff. The 2019 Awards have just been launched.

Who can enter?

Entries are welcomed not only from the members of a Pubwatch but also anyone wishing to nominate a scheme on their behalf, with their express consent. There is no cost to register.

What are the Awards looking for?

  • That the scheme has clear and stated aims and objectives for why it was established and how it will function.
  • That the licensee members ‘own’ their scheme and they understand and work to the spirit of the National Good Practice Guide.
  • That it can evidence how the members have promoted social responsibility through the schemes day to day work and innovation.

How to enter

The application process is now open. Final date for receipt of applications is Friday 30 August 2019.  Finalists will be invited to attend an awards dinner in House of Lords on Wednesday 16 October 2019.


To see the online application form click here

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