Ministerial Clarification on Caravan and Park Home Sites

06 Nov

Following the implementation of lockdown 2.0 on 5th November 2020 the Minister for Rough Sleeping and Housing  - Kelly Tolhurst has written a letter to site owners and managers of caravan and park home sites to provide clarification as to how the new national restrictions impact their businesses.  In her letter to operators she states:

“I want to make clear that caravan and park home sites should remain open for those using them as their primary residence.  Sites that are housing people that would otherwise have nowhere to live, or are providing accommodation to vulnerable groups, such as the homeless should remain open to those groups – they should not be removed from their home.”

This is important clarification as the general provision within the legislation being Regulation 4 does not directly reference holiday accommodation but describes accommodation in general terms.

The Ministers letter continues stating …. “sites can also remain open for individuals where it is essential that they stay there for work purposes.  If closing your site as a result of the measures announced this week has made anybody homeless you should immediately reverse this decision.”

The letter indicates that further guidance will be issued so as to provide more clarity.

For the full content of the letter see: Coronavirus (COVID-19): Letter from Kelly Tolhurst to caravan and park home owners

Law correct at the date of publication.
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