Metropolitan Police - Form 696

13 Nov

Following a special meeting of the London Music Board in September co-hosted by Amy Lamé, the Mayor’s Night Czar, the Metropolitan Police (Met) carried out a full review and consultation of the ‘Form 696’ risk assessment process based on feedback from industry representatives.

As a result of the review the Met announced on Friday afternoon (10/11/17) their  decision to withdraw the Form 696 and instead develop a new voluntary partnership approach for venues and promoters across London.

The 696 form had been used by the Met since 2005 to assess events conducted under Temporary Event Notices and it is also a requirement on some licences. The perception held by some was that events associated with some specific communities and genres of music were disproportionately affected by this process.

In their statement the Met stated:

“The Met will be working with colleagues from local authorities to understand the implication of this decision on venues which have the use of Form 696 as a condition on their premises licence as well as the impact on existing local licensing policies.”

The Mayor, Sadiq Kahn, commented:

“This decision will help London’s night-time economy thrive, ensure the capital is a welcoming place for artists and DJs of all music genres and that Londoners are able to enjoy live music safely.”

Law correct at the date of publication.
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