John Gaunt and Partners Celebrates Four Promotions

14 May

John Gaunt and Partners are delighted to announce the promotions of four members of the team, three of which are becoming part-owners of the business. Jonathan Pupius, Christopher Grunert, Jon Wallsgrove and Patrick Robson are thrilled to be progressing with the firm.

Jonathan Pupius, the Practice Manager, has become a part-owner of JG&P. He first joined the firm in 2005 as one of the 70 temporary members of staff assisting with the reformation of the Licensing Act. In 2010 he became Practice Manager after several years as a Paralegal and IT manager.
“It is great to feel like I own a part of the company, but because of the influence I have as Practice Manager, I don’t think too much will change. I’d like to think the decisions I make have always been for the best of the company,” he said.

Michelle Hazlewood, an existing owner of JG&P since 2005, said that she was ecstatic to see Jonathan promoted. Converting JG&P to an Alternative Business Structure, allowed him to have a financial stake despite not being a lawyer.

“It shows you can achieve that level of success of owning your own business by hard work, whatever format it is in. I think his journey is a really special one because traditionally he would not have been able to become a partner.”

Christopher Grunert has also been elevated to part-owner after 13 years with the firm. He said: “I am very interested in the law but also with the business itself, so it is great to accept part ownership. It is wonderful to have Tim and Michelle for support as they are very well versed in this. That experience and eye for detail is important.”
Michelle explained that Chris was a great addition to the management team. “He has grown with us and has been part of this firm’s journey. His skills, knowledge and understanding of the business means he is at the point in his career where it is of benefit for him to become an owner.”

Jon Wallsgrove, previously a partner at Blake Morgan LLP for over a decade, is the third recent promotion to part owner. He joined JG&Ps as a lateral hire in 2018 along with three staff members and the clients from his previous job. Jon and his team opened the office in Gosport allowing the business to widen their client base across the South and in retail licensing.

“My team really like working at John Gaunt and Partners and when they have come up to Sheffield both groups get on like a house on fire. It was a real no-brainer to invest in the company and I am excited to have more of a say in how the business can move forward.”

Tim Shield, an existing part-owner of the law firm since 2001, said: “Jon is well known and renowned in the industry. He has brought with him some excellent clients to complement our existing ones and fitted in perfectly with the ethos of the firm. His particular strength on the south coast and in London has been incredibly important. We are pleased to open our offices here and could look to expand further in the future.”

Finally, Patrick Robson has advanced from Associate Partner to Partner and was the first “home-grown” trainee at JG&P. He also joined the firm straight out of University in 2004 during the reform of the Licensing Act. He said: “I am really looking forward to everything that is to come, especially after such a tough year. The sky is the limit now.”

He praised the company’s dedication to licensing and client satisfaction. “We always go above and beyond to try and anticipate a client’s needs even before they might know it themselves. We provide sound technical legal advice that is also practical and applicable.”

Jon Wallsgrove said that Patrick thoroughly deserved the promotion. “He is an excellent lawyer. We have to think about the future and the legacy that gets left behind. Decisions we make have short-term and long-term impact but are always made to steer the company in the right direction, to sustain the here and now but secure the future. Patrick’s promotion does exactly that. “

Tim and Michelle are excited to welcome the new owners to the management team and think that the diversity of experience will prove useful. Tim said: “I am immensely proud that they have decided to join us and become part owners in the business, especially after such an unprecedented time in the country. I think it builds on the foundation for a very strong future.”

Law correct at the date of publication.
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