Ireland Minimum Pricing and its Consequences

07 Jan

Ireland have now implemented minimum unit pricing in similar terms to what already exists in Scotland and Wales alcohol will have a minimum price based on the number of grams of alcohol, with one gram costing a minimum of 10c (8.5p).

Spirits will see the biggest jump in price, with vodka and gin set to cost a minimum of 20.70 euro, while whiskey will rise to at least 22 euro, while boxes of beer sold at promotional prices of around €20 (£16.80) will double in price.

Concerns have been expressed about the areas around the border with Mr Canning Head of Treatment at Northlands Addiction Treatment Centre, stating that an all-island approach is necessary.

“On its own minimum unit pricing isn’t a panacea for the devastation that we see,” he said.

“It throws up the issue of decisions that are made around health, for example, on one or other side of the border and the implications of that.”

Mr Canning said it is “evident” that people will cross the border to access cheaper products.

“It doesn’t address it in that sense and I’m sure that the bigger supermarkets along the border in the North and the smaller off licenses will be thinking that their trade will increase,”

However, a local operator did not foresee such a significant issue arising stating:

“People also won’t drive from Dublin to the border to get a couple of bottles of cider so they will just get fewer bottles for their money.

“I can’t see people travelling in bus loads to buy alcohol across the border.”

Law correct at the date of publication.
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