Home Office Consultation on Regulation of Airport Alcohol Sales to start?

11 Jun

It was recently reported that Ryanair was banning Duty Free Alcohol being consumed on flights to Ibiza this summer.

This is in response to drunken behaviour on planes, a subject the House of Lords Select Committees review of the Licensing act 2003 also raised.  It had recommended that the airside exemptions for the licensing of UK international airports should be revoked.

The Government have now responded with a call for evidence, and a consultation with stakeholders, regarding consumption of Alcohol at Airports.

Its aim is to consider, whether airside drinking needs to be regulated, following a rise in incidents and direct actions from operators, as seen with Ryanair.

A Home Office Spokesperson speaking with The Moodie Daviitt Report said it was likely to “start within a month” and indicated;

“We will issue a Call for Evidence to assess the impact that an extension of the Licensing Act to airside premises at airports in England and Wales could have on reducing alcohol-related disruptive passenger behaviour. Most UK air passengers behave responsibly when flying, but any disruptive or drunk behaviour is entirely unacceptable”

We will keep you updated as to any developments.

If you have a business selling Alcohol at a UK Airport, you should call our specialist Licensing team on 0114 266 8664 for further advice.

Law correct at the date of publication.
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