Hartlepool - EMRO to be revisited again?


17 Jan

It may be recalled that in 2013 Hartlepool was the first council to look to adopt an Early Morning Restriction Order (EMRO), only for the attempt to fall away at the eventual hearing which we attended. (Blackpool subsequently followed suit but the adoption of an EMRO was rejected by the Licensing Committee following a five day hearing.  No other EMROs have been attempted).

We are seeing reports that an online petition calling on Hartlepool Council to change alcohol hours has been launched to try to persuade licensing officials to revert to 2am closing for town centre pubs and bars.  The petition calls on the Council to use its licensing powers to introduce an EMRO banning the sale of alcohol in pubs and clubs between 2am and 6am.

About a year ago, the Safer Hartlepool Partnership asked for a local EMRO to be considered again but the council’s Licensing Committee said crime had gone down in recent times and could not be attributed directly to the late opening hours. See https://www.john-gaunt.co.uk/news/hartlepool-emro-again-no-not-yet

Law correct at the date of publication.
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