eLearningPlus service launched by JG&P

03 Dec

We are today pleased to announce the launch of our eLearningPlus service.

This service offers our clients (and others) access to a variety of eLearning courses that are all relevant to our existing service offering but also to client businesses. Whilst some eLearning may already be covered off elsewhere, there may still be added value in that we are now able to offer this facility as part of the services we already provide or as a standalone service in particular individual circumstances which may require it.

Operators will be well aware that training forms a vital part of good practice and in the unfortunate event of particular issues arising, such training can be vital in seeking to mitigate those issues and provide evidence of even better due diligence going forward.

Further details can be found here: http://www.john-gaunt.co.uk/training

As an added value to these courses (the Plus factor!), anyone completing a course will be sent a complimentary "Little Book of Licensing Tips" (our guide to shop floor compliance) and also on completion, our team of specialist solicitors or support staff will also be on hand and available to answer any queries (or provide supplementary advice) relating to that course.

Although a comprehensive range of courses is available (and details are available on request) the courses we are launching initially include:

  • Allergen requirements - as they will be post 13 December 2014
  • Age Verification
  • Age Verification Scotland
  • AUASP - Award for Underage Sales Prevention
  • ALPS- Award for Licenced Premises Staff
  • Drugs Awareness
  • Food Safety
  • Front of House Food Safety
  • SALPS - Scottish Award for Licensed Premises Staff

The Allergen course is particularly time appropriate and will provide an overview of the new legal responsibilities, knowledge to explain what food allergens and food intolerances are, training on how to list any such ingredients in each dish served and provide an ability to answer any allergenic ingredients questions from customers. An essential guide perhaps!

The courses and this service have been developed in conjunction with CPL Training.


Law correct at the date of publication.
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