Drinkaware Nightlife Crew expands to Essex

14 Jan

In November 2019, Drinkaware (an independent alcohol education charity) relaunched its Drinkaware Crew scheme with a new name - Nightlife Crew.

The first local areas to sign up for Nightlife Crew were Hackney and Cardiff and it has just been reported that Essex has followed suit.

In the words of Drinkaware, the scheme “is a safety scheme tailored to the night-time economy that reduces vulnerability with in-depth training.” The scheme is offered to local authorities, Business Improvement Districts (BID), pub and restaurant groups, events and festival companies, sporting and live music venues and student unions through a ‘train the trainer’ course. Those that successfully complete the course are then accredited to deliver the training in their areas.

The scheme comprises a package of five available training modules, which are described by Drinkaware as helping “to ensure customer safety and reduce alcohol vulnerability in the night-time economy”. The modules are as follows:

  • Club Crew - training for dedicated club and venue staff;
  • Lead Crew - training for venue managers and supervisors;
  • StreetCrew - training for dedicated street support teams;
  • Festival Crew - training for festival staff; and
  • Support Crew - e-learning for all venue staff for an introduction to vulnerability caused by drinking alcohol and what to do to support vulnerable people.

Those interested in the scheme should contact Drinkaware directly.

Law correct at the date of publication.
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