Covid 19 - What you need to know - French Court rules in favour of restauranteur

28 May

It is being reported in both national and international press today, a French Court ruled on Tuesday that AXA France should pay a restaurant owner two months’ worth of revenue losses caused by the virus pandemic. AXA had argued its policy did not cover business disruption caused by the health crisis.

Stephane Manigold, the owner of four Paris restaurants, told Reuters that since the Court’s decision his team had received calls from Britain, South Africa, Spain and the United States asking for details of his contract and the court’s ruling.

Axa France has said it will appeal the ruling; although their Chief Executive, Thomas Buberl , that the company was seeking an amicable solution and planned to meet the bulk of claims from restaurant owners whose contracts contained some ambiguity.

The Night Time Industries Association’s (NITA) chief executive, Michael Kill, told Reuters the ruling would bolster their own planned litigation:

“It absolutely strengthens the case for legitimate claims to be considered in the UK, and I am sure that there are some legal parallels being drawn from the case against AXA in France,”

The Financial Conduct Authority has also announced Court action to gain clarity on whether insurers should pay out coronavirus-related claims to small businesses.

Law correct at the date of publication.
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