Covid 19 - What you need to know - #FAIR4HOSPITALITY

20 May

UKHospitality has launched a campaign #FAIR4HOSPITALITY.

The campaign is seeking for hospitality businesses to be reopened and makes the following points:


  • Hospitality will be ready to return to work on the return dates set by Westminster, Cardiff and Holyrood based on agreed risk-assessed protocols, ensuring protection for staff and customers
  • Hospitality needs initial support to return sub-economically, to save jobs, communities and businesses, tapered as we return to growth.
  • Hospitality is diverse and needs flexibility to operate safely, not a one-size-fits-all approach; some are already open, most will be ready by 4th July and others will need more time.


With support from governments in four primary areas hospitality can play a leading role in Britain’s recovery

  • Wellbeing: Endorse our best-practice protocols and risk assessments for a COVID Secure restart
  • Employees: Ensure furlough is retained at full rate until hospitality businesses successfully restart
  • Communities: Regulate to provide equitable solutions on rent
  • Consumers: Cut VAT to boost confidence and incentivise visits to the tourist venues we love

To deliver fairness for all we need all stakeholders – including insurers, landlords and banks - to play a part.


  • Summer revenues are crucial: without them a quiet winter will spell the end for many businesses. Rural and seaside communities will suffer disproportionately
  • The Great British public deserve safe eating and drinking out, safe holidays and leisure: the financial cost is a justified investment in the future of the economy
  • Hospitality provides jobs in every city, town and village - its recovery will play a crucial role in levelling up the economy
  • We are more than jobs and livelihoods, we are where communities come together - our doors opening will be a true measure of national recovery."

UKHospitality are seeking help from supporters by sharing their campaign with your social media network using the hashtag #FAIR4HOSPITALITY.

The campaign homepage includes a useful tool to lobby your MP.

Law correct at the date of publication.
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