Covid 19 - What you need to know - CPNI Guidance

09 Jul

The Government, through the ‘Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure’ (CPNI), has published advice, promoted by the SIA, to the security industry on how to remain safe when businesses begin to reopen and Covid19 remains in the population.

The advice includes a section on physical security and guarding which can be read here.

The advice requires employers of door supervisors to carry out local risk assessments. These assessments must consider:

  • The challenges of the current situation.
  • Whether you need personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • The policies you should follow when dealing with customers.
  • Any further training you need.

The SIA recognise that door supervisors may have to deal with violent or abusive situations; when they do, they are encouraged to remember their conflict management and physical intervention training and physical intervention must remain a last resort.

When such relevant incidents inevitably occur security firms may also need to report incidents to the Health and Safety Executive.

Richard Dyson, CEO of Pro-Active Security commented on the current situation and advice:

“Physical contact remains a last resort in any conflict situation and this is even more significant when social distancing in light of Covid19 in necessary. Regrettably there have always been and will continue to be situations where aggressors leave door supervisors with no other options. The safety of our staff and other members of the public is of paramount importance to us and we are implementing all practical measures to mitigate the risk of transmission. Advice such as that published by the CPNI is welcomed and confirms many of the measures we have already put in place.”

Law correct at the date of publication.
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