Covid 19 - What you need to know - Business and Planning Bill (aka Pavement Cafe Bill)

20 Jul

We have previously reported on the progress of the Planning and Business Bill through Parliament.

The Bill has now reached the report stage in the House of Lords which gives all members of the Lords a further opportunity to examine and make amendments (changes) to a Bill. This precedes the ‘third reading’ in the Lords before returning to the House of Commons.

If the proposed amendments are agreeable to the House of Commons the Bill can be voted upon, passed and move forward to be given Royal Assent and become law.

We are aware of some amendments already proposed, including a curfew of 11pm. In a statement from the Planning Minister, the Rt Hon Christopher Pincher MP, published yesterday the Minister confirmed plans to amend the bill to require Pubs, cafes and restaurants to offer choices for smokers and non-smokers.

Planning Minister Rt Hon Christopher Pincher MP said:

“These changes [to the Bill] will allow everyone to enjoy outdoor eating and drinking whether they smoke or not, with appropriate provisions made for non-smokers and smokers.”

Under the proposals the licence-holder has to make reasonable provision for smoke-free seating including:

  • Clear ‘no smoking’ signage displayed in designated areas.
  • No ash trays or similar receptacles to be provided or permitted to be left on furniture where a smoke-free seating is identified.
  • Licence holders should aim for a minimum 2 metre distance between non-smoking and smoking areas, wherever possible.
Law correct at the date of publication.
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