Covid 19 - Wales - Updated Guidance on performances and volume levels

28 May

Following yesterday evenings announcement by the Welsh Assembly an updated Guidance has been issued in relation to entertainment.

The full documents can be found here: 'Rehearsing, performing and taking part in the performing arts: guidance for a phased return'. It states:

Loud noises, which will require people to raise their voices or shout and therefore increase aerosol spread, should be avoided where possible. To that end, businesses should ensure that TV broadcasts and recorded music are kept at background level. 

Live performances can take place subject to businesses undertaking a full risk assessment for each venue in line with all guidance in place for hospitality settings and our guidance for a phased return for “Rehearsing, performing and taking part in the performing arts”.

Businesses need to be mindful of any noise nuisance from the premises at all times.

It explicitly references the broadcast from televisions which would cover the volume levels for the televised Euro Games coming up in June along with the UEFA Champions League Final game this weekend.

Law correct at the date of publication.
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