Covid 19 – Scottish Funding for Brewers

04 Feb

This week, the Scottish Government provided additional funding to support Brewers in view of the challenges which have been experienced by the sector. This was twinned with support for Travel Agents and Indoor Football centres.

Eligible businesses will receive grants of up to £25,000 with Brewers eligible for an additional £5,000 based on annual production.

The level of the award is based on the rateable value of the eligible business. Premises with a rateable value of £18,000 or under being entitled to £10,000.

Premises with a rateable value between £18,000 and £51,000 to a grant of £25,000.

However, in view of the size of Breweries there is provision for brewers to apply for an additional payment if their rateable value is over £51,000 or they have production of 5,000HL in 2019. This will provide for a total grant of £30,000.

Premises can apply for a grant for each premises operated which qualifies under the eligibility criteria, one of which being a subjective assessment but businesses must not have breached wider Covid Regulations or Requirements prior to local restrictions being imposed.

Recipients cannot receive the grant if they have already received funding to the EC State Aid limit.

There are a number of additional technical eligibility criteria for Breweries.

Local Authorities will assess operators in their areas and contact them to commence the process of gathering information in respect of the claim. However, if you do not hear from your local Authority and you believe you are eligible, it would of course be prudent to speak with them. Full details of the information can be obtained at specifically here: Coronavirus (Covid-19):Funding for Brewers, Travel Agents and Indoor Football Centres.

Law correct at the date of publication.
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