Covid 19 - Annex to the Code of Practice for the commercial property sector issued

07 Apr

In June 2020 the Code of Practice for the commercial property sector was first published by the Government to help commercial landlords and tenants map out plans for economic recovery during the coronavirus pandemic.

As the roadmap for recovery continues, the Governement has now issued an Annex to the Code of Practice that is intended “to be used for the issue of rent arrears and service charges accrued due to Covid-19 and the imposed lockdowns. It is not intended to replace any existing contracts or contractual agreements made by the tenant and landlord nor resolve other disputes between landlords and tenants.”

The Annex provides tenants with a template on which to set out the impact that the pandemic has had on their business with a view to making a reasoned and reasonable offer to their landlords to address rent arrears and ongoing rent payments. 

The original Code of Practice and its new Annex can be found by following this link

Law correct at the date of publication.
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