British Summer time = potential loss of an hours trading

26 Feb

In last month’s article on British Summer time, we warned of the potential loss of an hours trading. With Sunday 31st March 2019 a little over a month away, if you want to avoid this potential loss of trade, the deadline for a TEN is looming.

As a reminder on Sunday 31st March the clock goes 12.58am…12.59am…2.00am…2.01am.  If you have a terminal hour after 2.00am you will effectively lose an hour’s trade unless your licence provides for an extension on the morning BST takes effect.

If a TEN is required your Licensing Authority will need to receive your application for a TEN on or before Friday 15th March.

If you are unsure whether your licence provides for BST or is you would like to discuss the TEN process, please give one of our solicitors a call.  

Law correct at the date of publication.
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