Alcohol to be 'grounded' at Airports? Government to Consider Licensing Restrictions

11 Jan

The Government has announced it is considering imposing licensing restrictions on the sale of alcohol in airports. Airports are currently exempt from legislation governing when they can sell alcohol.

Last year the House of Lords commented that it found disruptive incidents on flights "more often than not" involved passengers who had had alcohol before boarding.

The Home Office noted that passengers should be able to enjoy their holidays without having their flight disrupted by "a small minority of people".

A Home Office spokesman added that "tough penalties" are in place for drunkenness on an aircraft: "You can be imprisoned for up to two years or given an unlimited fine.

"Pilots also have the power to issue the removal of  passengers from the plane if they are drunk and the safety of the aircraft or its passengers is threatened."

We will report any further developments or changes to the current legislation.  

Law correct at the date of publication.
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