Alcohol Strategy - Latest Government Announcement

28 Feb

Following a question raised by Lord Brooke of Alverthorpe in the House of Lords regarding effective strategies for dealing with alcohol abuse during the course of 2020, the government via the Minister of State for the Home Office has said that the Government was working to reduce alcohol related harms with the NHS long term plan, the prevention green paper, support for children of alcohol dependant parents and actin to tackle alcohol related violent crime and that this constitutes an effective package to address alcohol abuse. Baroness Williams confirms “We are not planning stand-alone strategy”. 

However in the answers provided to Lord Brooke, Baroness Williams interestingly also confirmed that the following measures were under consideration. 

  • Electronic monitoring of alcohol abstinence requirements for those whose offending is fuelled by alcohol.
  • Public Health England monitoring how minimum unit pricing has worked in Scotland and considering the impact of the policy.

May be it is the latter point which is of most interest from the questions and answers raised in the House of Lords.

Law correct at the date of publication.
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