19 Mar 2019

National Trading Standards: ”Retailers must do more on knife sales”

The National Trading Standards website has recently reported the results of recent test purchasing operations aimed at the sales of knives.  The results revealed many vendors were selling knives without undertaking required age verifications....

15 Mar 2019

Portman Group - Code of Practice on the Naming, Packaging and Promotion of Alcoholic Drinks (6th edition)

Following a consultation last year, the Portman Group has this month issued its sixth edition of its Code of Pratice on the Naming, Packaging and Promotion of Alcoholic Drinks, a copy of which can be found here -

04 Feb 2019

Be aware - British Summer Time starts at 1am Sunday 31 March 2019

British Summer Time (or as it may be more properly called Daylight Saving Time) starts at 1am Sunday 31 March 2019. This means that at 1am on that Sunday, the time becomes 2am.Unless you have a specific provision on your licence to cover th...

04 Feb 2019

FSA’s Biannual Public Attitudes Tracker published

The FSA’s Biannual Public Attitudes Tracker (November 2018) results have been published.  The Tracker monitors changes in consumer attitudes to food-related issues, surveying consumers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Food...

01 Feb 2019

The freeze is over……. Chancellor’s Wine Tax Rise starts today

Whilst other alcohol products saw a freeze in the autumn 2018 budget, the Chancellor Philip Hammond  announced an inflationary linked tax rise on wine.The Wine and Spirit Trade Association has warned consumers the 3.1% rise will start today...

25 Jan 2019

Consultation on amended allergen information provisions

The Government (through Defra) has today launched a consultation on proposed amendments to regulations relating to allergen information for foods that are prepacked for direct sale (PPDS) to the consumer on the same premises from which they are so...