UK Night Time Economy - and the terrorist threat


21 Jun

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) offers businesses operating in the Night Time Economy the opportunity to take part in a regional 'Project Argus' initiative, a programme of counter terrorism testing and exercises, delivered by Counter Terrorism Security Advisers and Counter Terrorism Awareness Advisers. 

NaCTSO state that ‘taking the opportunity to attend a session will enable you to gain a better understanding of the threat from terrorism and of simple security measures that can be taken to protect a business or an organisation.  Participants from business and other organisations are asked to consider their preparedness for a terrorist attack through a series of simulated multi-media scenarios. The aim is to identify measures to help their organisation to prevent, manage and recover from a terrorist incident’.

The events are free of charge and last for approximately three hours. They are interactive and require some audience participation. The focus is on businesses operating in our night time economy sector and also Major Events / Stadia.

This would appear to sit alongside ‘Project Griffin’ which is the national counter terrorism awareness initiative for business produced by NaCTSO to protect our cities and communities from the threat of terrorism.

The aim of Project Griffin is to:

  • Help understand the threat from terrorism to the UK
  • Guide individuals on what to do if they find themselves involved in a terrorist incident or event that
  • Leads up to a planned attack
  • Enable people to recognise and report suspicious activity

Project Griffin holds briefing events to increase public and staff awareness of how best to reduce and respond to the most likely types of terrorist activities. The events are presented by trained police advisors delivering a range of CT awareness modules.

Further details of both projects can be found on the NaCTSO website

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