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Woking Council - Late Night Levy 'Consultation'

23 April 2012 Woking Council - Late Night Levy 'Consultation'


You may be alert to a recently launched, but now happily withdrawn, consultation (or pre-consultation, as they may now have it) by the above council on the probable adoption of a late night levy.

To us this seemed most premature, something we raised with them, and following alerting others to the position confirmation of the withdrawal was received by us this morning.

Our original email covered a number of points including:

  1. Our preliminary view was that the consultation was premature.
  2. Highlighting that whereas the PR&SR Act has received Royal Assent, the relevant provisions in respect of licensing and the LNL have yet to be brought into force.
  3. In respect of the LNL, stating that it is widely accepted that secondary legislation will be required and upon the detail for which (including possible exemptions and discounts) the Government is currently consulting.  Therefore emphasising that the LA are not in a position to take this further at this stage.

Hopefully no other authority will issue a pre consultation before we receive the Government guidance….whenever that will be.