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Ask the Expert: Personal Licensing

How do I get a personal licence?

I passed the NCPLH course in 2008 but never sent off for a criminal bureau check or my personal licence card, can I still apply? Also, I received a caution last year how does this affect my chances of obtaining a licence?

I was convicted of Drink Driving in Nov 2009 and banned from driving for 12 months, the sentence was reduced to 9months after I completed a Rehabilitation course. Can I still apply for a Personal Licence?

I was cautioned this year for possessing drugs, can this stop me getting a personal licence?

I was convicted of ABH and spent a year in prison only a year ago. Does this mean I cannot now get a personal license?

I have an employee who was convicted of causing death by dangerous driving. Will this effect their personal licence application?

I have to attend court at the end of January for an alleged drink driving offence. If convicted will I lose my NCPLH licence?

i have left the trade but my personal licence is still valid i have also left the area from which it was supplied do i need to notify the council of the changes

I have a conviction. Can I still get a personal licence?

I have lost my personal licence, what should I do?

I am a Personal Licence Holder. Does my Personal Licence last indefinitely?

I have moved address since my personal licence was issued. Do I need to do anything?

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